Gleeful Pedantry at the Expense of Simon Heffer

Simon Heffer has a book coming out all about the sloppy use of English language. Hooray for him. Judging by the excerpt in today’s Daily Mail, though, it’s less of a joyous romp through the intricacies of word play and more a list of things he doesn’t like. You know, like Katie Hopkins does.

I know it’s a Daily Mail link, and I apologise, but you may need to see this one for reference. Note, if you will, the titled mention of Harry Potter – designed to make you feel that Heffer is taking a swipe at falling standards in literature but, no, it’s just that he happened to notice a grammatical mistake in one of the books once.

All spelling and factual errors aside, I thought I’d check to see how the Daily Mail stood up to Heffer’s exacting standards.