Liz Jones in Somalia

In August 2011 the Daily Mail sent fashion columnist and former anorexic Liz Jones to Somalia to cover the East African crisis where half the population faced displacement or starvation. This charmless and insensitive posting made many people very mad (Ros Coward, the Guardian  //  Brian Kellett, ‘Raised Expectations’) and so as a response we set up a Twitter feed called @LizJonesSomalia where ‘Liz’ tweeted her experiences, thoughts and feelings.

The account proved to be very successful and after a few days it was announced as a charity drive and we asked followers to donate towards the DEC East Africa Fund in return for more tweets. This account then went on to raise nearly £30,000 (inc. gift aid) in just under a week.

You can read the original announcement here (1) and the follow up columns (2)(3)(4).

The donations page is still open. If you have enjoyed this story then please consider a small donation towards helping the people of East Africa.


The Huffington Post: How One Twitter User Rallied Critics Of Daily Mail To Raise £25k

The Guardian: Society Daily

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The First Post: Liz Jones Haters Give Generously

The Register: Use Found for Twitter and Liz Jones

Tabloid Watch: Liz Jones and an Emergency

Grim Reaper: The World Sends Its Sympathies to Somalia

The Periscope Post: Silver Lining

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