Don’t Read the DM


Most of us read the Daily Mail – most of us don’t buy it, but we read it; it crosses our paths on trains, and in hairdressers, their columnists appear on TV, friends post links on Facebook, and it is disseminated, and ridiculed on Twitter. It is the most popular online news source in the world, and it touches all of our lives on a daily basis.

The Daily Mail thrive off controversy, and enjoy just as many hits from outraged haters as they do they loyal readers; their eclectic mix of editorialised topical news, sensationalist celebrity indulgences, polemic columnists and – how do we put this – huge quantities of material ‘inspired’ by Reddit, celebrity social media feeds and other newspapers.

Those of us who spend an amount of time online find that the Daily Mail poisons our digital peripherals more often than we’d like; social media outrage means that not a day goes by without a collective Twitter fury over their deliberately provocative reporting, or numskull conclusion-leaping by Liz Jones, Richard Littlejohn or Jan Moir (to name but a few).

The liberal minded among us try to do right by pointing out their hypocrisies by linking to their bigotries but, really, all we do is give them more hits, increase their advertising revenue, and make our day a little worse. The Daily Mail will never change, it doesn’t care if we love it or hate it, it only cares that we read it.

Friday 14th November is Paul Dacre’s 66th birthday, thus it’s an ideal time for the Second Annual ‘Don’t Read the Daily Mail’ Day. This isn’t a campaign to get people to stop buying the Daily Mail – if folks want to buy it then they can – this is a campaign for the rest of us; just one day where we… let… it… go.

So let’s try no tweeting to articles we hate, no posting furious links to Facebook, no being annoyed at some bullshit some bullshitty writer wrote; no sneaky sidebar of shame glancing, no faux-outraged reading of found copies on trains, no MT >>>’ing, and no link clicking.


If we all expunge them from our social media lives then the ripple will carry forward, and they will appear less in everyone else’s timelines too. Literal joy will be spread across our digital thinkospheres, and all with the simple action of doing nothing.

We are thusly forbade on November 14th from reading, linking, tweeting, updating, posting, critiquing, spoofing, complaining, borrowing, commenting or thinking about the Daily Mail. We’ll keep it out of the line of sight of those who have befriended or followed us. We’ll not start sentences “guess what they wrote today,” and we will not bite when Samantha Brick offers us an apple.

Let’s have a nicer day. 


  • Our beautiful poster work was designed with love by @tonestar to whom we owe a bazillion thanks.
  • There is an avatar, web advert and poster variations below.
  • If you want to get in touch please do so here.
  • This isn’t a po-faced campaign – we’re not trying to stop anyone from buying the Mail, we’re just suggesting that if we all ignore it for a day then we might be a bit happier.
  • Finally, yes we are aware of the irony and, some might say, inherent futility of promoting a campaign to not promote something. This is a comedy Twitter account. Get over it.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Read the DM

  1. In no way is the Daily Mail half as bad as the Express, nor is it as putrid, hypocritical or annoying as the Guardian or the Huff post.

    • So sayeth a man with a subscription to the newspaper, and I use the term quite wrongly, that this campaign is concerned with. =]

    • Oh that’s easy, just throw a paint soaked sponge into each room, any object it touches shall cause you cancer, in clinical trials over 70% of these tests resulted in “the floor” being your answer, now we’ve concluded a study that indicates (but not conclusively) that everyone who has had cancer has walked upon the floor, is this a coincidence? We don’t think so…

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