Real Liz Jones mentions Fake Liz Jones

She’s known about it since the beginning but Real Liz Jones has never actually mentioned @LizJonesSomalia in public before – however she dedicates one paragraph to us in her new column The Stasi Paid for the Thought Police, but Trolls Do It for Free.

Yes. That’s the actual title.

When I was on the Somali-Kenyan border, working on a story on the famine, the photographer assigned to my story told me someone was pretending to be me, and was tweeting about how awful it was that my Gucci luggage was getting dusty.

Thanks Liz. We never once mentioned Gucci but there were lots of jokes about Fortnam and Mason hampers.

Hat tip to @zelo_street – his excellent article on her awful article is here. I suggest a read.

Liz Jones’ Somalia article leaked (with notes)

This post was originally published on Tumblr on 14th August 2011.


I have an exclusive look at Liz Jones’s Somalia article before it was tidied and polished by the bigwigs at the DM
Here is her finished piece for reference: Daily Mail.If you’re interested in other such articles then you may like to know that I’ve written a piece for The Lady all about this account, what inspired it and the success it had. That’s for the edition released 16th August.

On an entirely selfish note – I am available for writing work, for marketing work or for media work (that’s my real-life job, mostly) and am always interested in any offers, conversations or paid-employment that you may have to offer. I can be contacted on should you have any of the above.

On an entirely selfless note, the Horn of Africa still needs our help. It will need our help for many many years to come – and if you haven’t donated yet then I’d strongly encourage you to send just a couple of quid their way. After Liz Jones’ visit I think the continent needs all the assistance it can get.

Finally – I’d like to once more offer my sincerest thanks to everybody who took part. People donated money and engaged with ‘Liz’ on a level I never expected and I can honestly say that it was a joy to be part of. You have restored not only my faith in humanity but in social media too. Thank you again.

Thank you also to Liz Jones. I’m not sure what for – not suing, not reporting us? For just existing? Either way, it couldn’t have been done without her. For better or for worse.

Liz will return. I don’t know when, and I don’t know why – but she will. Maybe when the world needs saving, maybe she the world needs to save her. What I’m trying to say is this – don’t unfollow!