Bullshit News

Just a short post today because I want to highlight some magnificently bad articles by DM reporters over the past few days…

Firstly – this Reddit post (as sent to me by @CurlyHooligan) in where a user finds his picture of an unusual egg has been stolen by the Daily Mail. The Reddit post contains the fabulous quote

I’m not a farmer, also I don’t understand how this is news.

A thought echoed by EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the comments section.


Interesting that the Mail claims all comments haven’t been moderated but the original Reddit poster’s comment has yet to appear…

They haven’t approved my comment on the story including the fact that “at least I can tick off defamed and misquoted by the Daily Mail off my bucket list.”

Next up is this amazing piece of journalism about the zoom function of iOS7 which is based, as far as I can tell, on a tweet from Eliza Dushku. Now, ignoring that the Mail clearly have no fucking idea how to use the word ‘literally’ in a sentence, the main thrust is that users are begging Apple for an update to control their zoom settings – something which you can do in the settings tab. Not that the Mail knew this, reported it or even bothered to Google in the first instance – almost as if they’re fabricating news items based on tweets because they don’t have the staff to write about anything that’s, you know, real.

Thirdly – and this is my favourite – the heroic story of a Kenyan civilian who helped an American family escape from the recent shopping mall terror attacks. I almost don’t know where to start with this one – the way in which his religion is shoehorned into the headline, almost underlining the incredulity and rarity of such a act (“A Muslim! I know, normally they just kill Americans but this one ACTUALLY helped them… wow… just wow!”) or the way they force an interpretation of an image which doesn’t appear to be accurate…

kenya_mall…before calling the image “iconic” and then going on to incorrectly identify the subject of their article in two more photos (how many black men in checked shirts can their be in one mall? Must be the same guy).

What I especially like about this is the story writes itself – hero civilian, saving families, shooting at terrorists and they still manage to fuck it up and be dismissively racist at the same time. That… that’s a special talent.

My conclusion to all this? The Daily Mail don’t do any research, don’t do any Googling, set their news agenda via celebrity tweets and steal content with wild abandon. They’re not alone in this, by any means, but this week has been especially shambolic and petty (remember the ‘viewer outrage over things happening the background of BBC news‘ classic?)

One final thing – also not unique to the Mail, and something I tweeted about earlier, but here’s a few grabs of music industry damage control in action on the DM comment section… hashtag #swaggerjagger

Seems like enthusiastic Cher Lloyd fan Sumak Pacha has been leaving comments defending the piss-poor-pop-princess elsewhere too…


EDIT: @venusyprime got in touch on Twitter to point out that it’s actually the zooming animation that can’t be turned off on iOS7, not the zoom feature – although it can be reduced in the settings tab. Thanks! Still, their use of ‘literally’ is amazing.


4 thoughts on “Bullshit News

  1. Re the Reddit egg thing. Funny you should say this, as only today on the Facebook page of my old cricket club there were a few posts about someone getting contacted by a Daily Mail reporter. The current England coach, former Zimbabwean test player Andy Flower, used to play for the club back in the late 80s and the other day someone had posted a picture of a helicopter on the pitch with a comment about Andy Flower flying up for a meeting. It was complete bullshit, just an in-joke really, but apparently a couple of days later the club’s chairman got a phonecall from a DM reporter asking loads of questions about the big occasion. I can only assume that the reporter, rather than doing proper research on an article of some significance, had somehow come across this on Facebook and rather than actually doing some useful work decided to see if s/he could make something out of this inconsequential bullshit. “Zimbabwean immigrants get helicopters at taxpayers’ expense” maybe.

  2. …and from the 1st comment on the Cher Lloyd link this fabulous typo: – “With Ur Love has NEVER EVER been a rap song as much much as Cher’s entire flop debut album has no raping in it at all.”

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