Real Liz Jones mentions Fake Liz Jones

She’s known about it since the beginning but Real Liz Jones has never actually mentioned @LizJonesSomalia in public before – however she dedicates one paragraph to us in her new column The Stasi Paid for the Thought Police, but Trolls Do It for Free.

Yes. That’s the actual title.

When I was on the Somali-Kenyan border, working on a story on the famine, the photographer assigned to my story told me someone was pretending to be me, and was tweeting about how awful it was that my Gucci luggage was getting dusty.

Thanks Liz. We never once mentioned Gucci but there were lots of jokes about Fortnam and Mason hampers.

Hat tip to @zelo_street – his excellent article on her awful article is here. I suggest a read.

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