A Note About That Previous Tweet

This post was first published on Tumblr on February 4th 2011


Kevin Costner’s The Postman doesn’t deliver the goods in this universe…

…is the title of the worst piece of journalism I have ever read. It was written for the Doncaster Entertainer on the 26th February 1998 by Darren Burke, from the movies column.

I have included it here for you. Click to embiggen.

It’s not the most hateful piece of journalism I’ve ever seen, by any means – but it reflects the absolute depths of couldn’t-give-a-fuck journalism. Not only does he admit to faking reviews of films he’s not seen, namecheck his friends and include two of the worst writing clichés ever (cutting someone else’s toenails, Costner as teaboy) but also knows nothing about his subject. Nothing.

I’ve kept this article pinned to my wall for 13 years as a reminder that if Darren Burke can publish this with a clear mind then I’ll be alright.

It was a pleasure to pay tribute to him with that last tweet.

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