£20,000 Raised in 60 Hours!

This post was originally published on Tumblr on 5th August 2011


For someone who has spent much of the last 5 days typing I am now completely stuck for words. Collectively we’ve raised £20,000 in two and a half days – nearly £25,000 if you included Gift Aid.That is bigger, better and more brilliant that I could ever have hoped for. If I’m honest – really honest, like Liz is – I thought we’d maybe raise a couple of hundred quid; I figured 1/20th of the followers would chip in £2 and it would be an interesting experiment.To see such generosity, and such open acceptance of the idea, was overwhelming – people were giving £300, £250, £100… someone donated eBay profits, another – a days wage. Replies have flown in so heavy that I’m unable to name anyone personally – but the constant RT’ing and interaction is hugely appreciated.

Thank you also to the hundreds of people who donated in other ways – through their bank, through text and through DEC directly. Any and all contributions are vitally important.

I’ll blog again when Liz has left Somalia but I just wanted to say a huge thank you, and a huge congratulations. As well as helping the people of East Africa we’ve done some real positive good for Twitter… win win win.

Shall we go higher? £26,000 would buy the East Africans a really beautiful bat sanctuary.


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