Cable Resigns

This article was first published on Tumblr on December 21st 2010Hello. I’m the Daily Mail Reporter. Except, obviously, I’m not – because if you read any of my tweets, looked at my profile picture or scanned my bio you’d clearly see that I’m a joke.Thanks, though, to Sky News for treating me like a real reporter – makes me feel important that in this day and age of instant news flashes that a joke about news being prepared in advance could be cited as news happening now.

For those who didn’t see it – the follow up tweet, sent about a minute later said:

APOLOGIES: That tweet was not meant to be sent until tomorrow morning. Please replace the word ‘resigns’ with ‘may resign’.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt from doing this spoof account it’s that the reputation of the Daily Mail is so bad among Twitter users you can write literally anything and at least one person will believe it true – it’s nice that in this instance that one person was a newsreader.

Everyone’s thought it funny so far – which is ace – but if there’s one serious point to be taken it’s this:

Sky News: you’re an international news source trusted by millions of people. Did you really quote – on national television – an unchecked hashtag feed? Is that really a good editorial policy?

I think you’ve demonstrated that you can’t handle the power you have – maybe Vince was right to suggest you shouldn’t have any more…?

On the plus side, I’ve picked up 300 more followers in 10 minutes. Which is nice.

Sack Kay Burley. Forget the BBC. Watch C4 News.

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